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January 29, 2009

I have just created a new page which contains some links to good websites and to some of the blogs that I read regularly. The blogs are a mix of personal friends, well-known international Christian personalities, and some people I stumbled across that are making some great contributions to my personal growth in understanding what being a Christian actually means for me personally and for the Church.You can access the page by clicking “Links” above, or by just clicking here.

In particular, I would like to make mention the blog of Alan Knox, Assembling the Church. I stumbled across his blog when I was linked to it from another blog I was reading. Alan has a focus on ecclesiology (looking at the nature and function of the Church), and he regularly brings forward some excellent posts that are always followed by the insightful comments of his readership.

If you have stumbled across some other good material (blogs, website etc.), leave a comment and please share it with me!


One Response to “Links and stuff”

  1. Alan Knox said


    Thanks for the link and the kind words. I’ve enjoyed interacting with you on my blog, and I look forward to even more!


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