Blog Dialogue Series

May 6, 2009

Over the past few weeks I have been corresponding with Arthur from the Cyberpunk + Blue Twin go back to uni blog. We have discussed teaming-up to do a blog dialogue series. This will involve choosing a topic, producing a post on that topic, and the other person will provide a response with his own thoughts and views. We’ll probably alternate who begins each topic.

The purpose of this (for me) is twofold:

  1. To encourage me to blog more regularly; and
  2. To exchange thoughts and ideas so that I can draw closer and in greater understand of God, while hopefully doing the same for others.

These wont be harsh critiques, but hopefully more like sitting down on the sofa and throwing thoughts around. There is nothing sacred and nothing secular, just openness and growth.

The first blog topic is “What are the non-negotiables of church?” I’ll hopefully have a post up in the next few days.

Please join in on the discussion and comment with your thoughts – it would be appreciated! I will also provide links to Arthur’s page when he posts in the dialogue series.

Thanks for reading 🙂