Prayer is not a ritual; it is not a practice; it is not tradition; it is not a sacrament, it is not ‘the right thing to do’; it is not the ‘key to salvation’; it is not to appease God; it is not the way to receive forgiveness; and it is not the many other things that we hold it to be.

Prayer is about relationship and it is about community. It is really just a fancy word for talking to someone, where that someone happens to be God.

If you always find prayer boring then you aren’t doing it right.

You may find prayer boring because you aren’t actually talking to God. Repeating standard prayers and praying for the same thing each time could get very boring for us, let alone God who has to hear it each time. Try and talk to God like you would a good friend or a trusted mentor – he is a real person (for lack of a better term) and probably likes to mix things up a bit – I know I do. Sure you can be formal at times, but casual prayer and talking about mundane stuff that is going on in your life is good too.

You may also find prayer boring if you think God is boring; like those people you can’t talk to for long because you have nothing in common with them. Well, if you think God is boring then perhaps you need to get to know Him better – I guarantee you that you have a lot in common with Him. God is also very interactive, so if you don’t feel that God talks to you, then ask Him to. Be specific too. I asked God for a long time to ‘show me how much He loves me’. Now that is a prayer that God can’t resist answering!

So get into it – talk to God. He’s real, He has emotions, He has a sense of humour and he likes us to chat with Him. Even if you don’t profess to be religious in any way, God would still like you to talk to Him.


We hear a lot about having a “personal relationship” with God; how this makes Christianity unique and how important it is to our faith. But, what exactly does this mean for us and how do we know this personal experience with the creator?

I think there are many Christians that struggle with this concept, while others may not. Why is this? I’m really not too sure whether it is our hesitance to really commit to God, or whether God just relates in different ways to different people. I haven’t contemplated this enough to write a full entry on it (maybe another time), but I just read an entry on this topic in Brian McLaren’s blog, I recommend you having a read of it here.

In the entry, I like the emphasis placed on the desire to seek something more in your relationship with God and the discussion and openness with those around you. We are on a journey and everything never comes at once.

Please post your comments, I would love to hear what a “personal relationship” with God means for you. Is it like being in love, is it like having a good mate or are you struggling with the relationship at the moment?